Your vitality and energy mainly come from your nutrition. For example, think about your car, if you put the wrong oil, do you think is going to start properly? The same applies to us, if we keep on eating the wrong foods, we can end up unwell. 

your food is your medicine and your medicine is your food"

During a session we will check your daily diet and evaluate the effect it is having on your body. We will check for a various range of potential problems, including:
Food intolerance
  • Acumulation of a everyday consume food.
  • Toxicity produced for different substance such as caffeine, fructose, gluten, etc.
  • Oligoelements, vitamins, proteins, fats and glucides carence.

If we do find some intolerances, I will provide the necessary support and diet tips which will help your digestion and energy levels.

In the next sessions we will check again for the same intolerances as in some cases, your body may accept the food that was originally not tolerated. If there are any problems following the new diet, we can also check if there is are any emotional issues that may not be allowing you to progress and treat the issue.